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Resident Assistance Watch (RAW)


As a resident of LMHA, you are eligible to join the ranks of the Resident Assistance Watch (RAW) program. The RAW program has been instituted at our high rises for the benefit of all residents.

The RAW Program calls upon residents to assume greater responsibility for their buildings. Volunteers who participate in the program are expected to observe and report ONLY. The volunteers are never expected to intervene in situations where their personal safety is threatened. Intervention is the job of the Police Department.

The RAW Patrol, under supervision and in proper RAW attire, patrol designated areas of the buildings and grounds. They are a visible presence whose role is to identify safety hazards, “hot” spots, major building problems, resident problems, and report information. Resident patrols are considered to be the eyes and ears of the community.

As a resident in the building, you can join the RAW team, become a doer, and take responsibility for the place you live in. Remember this is your HOME – a place to make friends and look out for your neighbors. Also, participation in RAW can fulfill your community service obligation.

If you are interested in becoming a member of your building’s RAW Patrol, or would like more information, please use the contact information below.

Jackie Hatfield, Resident Services Coordinator
1600 Kansas Avenue
Lorain, OH 44052 (440) 752-0128 

Toshionna Reddick, Resident Services Coordinator
1600 Kansas Avenue
Lorain, OH 44052 (440) 752-6611

Elizabeth Boardwine, Resident Services Supervisor
1600 Kansas Avenue
Lorain, OH 44052 (440) 752-0366

Jim Long, Criminal/Drug Investigator/Raw Coordinator
1600 Kansas Avenue
Lorain, OH 44052 (440) 288-7439