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Portability Information


Portability: The ability of a family to move with a Housing Choice Voucher (tenant based assistance) from the jurisdiction of one public housing authority (PHA) to that of another.


Moving into Lorain County


Step 1: Request portability from your initial PHA.

The initial PHA can fax or mail your portability papers to:


Lorain Metropolitan HA

Attn:  Sherry Williams, HCVP Portability

1600 Kansas Ave.

Lorain, OH  44052

Telephone 440 288 7453

Fax:   440 288 7375


Step 2: Notice to initial HA – Lorain MHA is absorbing all incoming Portability we are not billing.


Step 3: Contact Lorain HA to verify your portability papers have been received and to set an appointment.


Step 4: Attend appointment with Lorain on time. At the time of your appointment you will be notified of the date and time of the “Move In” Orientation. In addition, you need to bring the following: current income information, social security cards, birth certificates, citizenship forms, marriage license if any, and divorce papers if any.


Step 5: Locate a unit you can go on line Return Lorain’s HA Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) received at the moving-in inspection. Inspection can take up to three weeks.

Moving out of Lorain County


Step 1:  Pick up a Request to Move Packet and Instructions in the lobby; call your occupancy specialist to make an appointment, and bring completed packet with you.  In addition, you must bring the name, address, contact person, fax number, and telephone number of the Receiving Housing Authority you’re moving to.


Step 2: You will receive a Voucher at your scheduled appointment with your OS, and be signed up for a moving orientation. Please note:  you should attend an orientation at least 30 days prior to your actual move into another state or county.


Step 3:  Lorain HA will be mailing your portability transfer to the Receiving HA within 14 business days; once your appointment and moving orientation has been completed.


Step 4:  Family must be out of the assisted unit on the date stated on the 30-day Vacate to Move Notice to the landlord, or the date stated on the Agreement of Intent to Vacate.   No rental assistance payment will be released to the owner beyond the 30 day Notice to move.


Step 5:  Lorain HA accepts billing from other Receiving Housing Authorities.


Step 6:   To locate a unit in another county or state you can go on line To locate a Receiving HA’s address in the state or county you want to live you can go on line to www.HUD/U.S.