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Public Housing

Lorain Metropolitan Housing Authority (LMHA) has Public Housing units located throughout Lorain County, including several recently renovated accessible units.  Bedroom sizes range from efficiency or studio units to 6 bedroom units and are issued to qualified applicants based on household size.  Rent is based on 30% of Adjusted Gross Income.  For residents with higher qualifying incomes, flat rents are available. Security Deposits are required:

  • Family/Singles  $100.00
  • Elderly or Persons/Families with Disabilities $50.00
  • Minimum Rent  $50.00

Rethink Housing | Why Housing Matters:
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Do I qualify

Do I Qualify?


Applicants are scheduled for interviews based on date and time of application. At time of interview, applicants must eligibility documentation to verify family composition, citizenship, income, and assets. For families, verifications are sent to gas and electric companies to determine service eligibility.


how do i apply

How Do I Apply?

You can check the status of our waiting lists by clicking here.  

common questions

Common Questions

Find answers to common questions about Public Housing units located throughout Lorain County.

how does it work

How Does It Work?

The process begins when an application is submitted online. Next, the applicant will be contacted for an interview, which may take 4-6 weeks from time of application. If eligibility requirements are met, applicants will be placed on the waiting list until contacted for a unit offer. (Click on the link above to view the to view a breakdown of the application process)