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For Landlords

For Landlords

As a Landlord with the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP), you will receive assistance from LMHA in subsidizing your tenant’s rent. The amount of assistance you will receive is determined by the following factors: (1) the approved Contract Rent, (2) the tenant’s income and (3) the tenant’s utility responsibility. Note that because the tenant’s income is a factor, the portion of rental assistance you will receive from our agency will fluctuate depending upon the changes in your tenant’s income. If your tenant’s income increases, his or her rental obligation will increase proportionally, thereby causing our portion to decrease.

As a Landlord, you will have access to several useful forms located in the online Landlord Library. This resource is accessible through the Landlord Access portal. You will be required to register for Landlord Access once you have secured an HCVP tenant. You can use the Landlord Access forms to report such items as a change in your residential address, or to report that you’ve bought or sold a property. You will also have the ability to view and print any information regarding your account, such as inspection results and current or historical Housing Assistance Payments. This is a service that is offered 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week – right from your home or office.

Read our flow chart to learn how to subsidize your property with LMHA.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work (Flow Chart) for Landlords.

See HUD Housing Quality Standards to see if your unit qualified.

Does My Unit Qualify?

Your unit must meet HUD's Housing Quality Standards (HQS).

See changes to the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Landlord Certification

Mandatory certification steps. These steps must be completed before HAP Payment will be made to you.

Find answers to common landlord questions.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not listed here, you may contact Carol Langham, HCVP Assistant Manager at

Get 1099 information, W9 form, change of ownership, and other resources on our Landlord Resource Library.

Landlord Resource Library

Landlord access, change of address, 1099 information, W9 form, change of ownership, other forms and information.