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Common Questions

Where a person falls on the waiting list is based on the date and time of the application when it is accepted with all required documents.

The applicant must notify the admissions office of any changes from the original application information, IN WRITING, with 10 days of the change. These changes could affect the applicant’s status on the waiting list.

We do not give persons their number on the waiting list, as this number changes every day by taking additional applications and changing the status of those already on the waiting list that report changes. The applicant will be notified in writing when funding is available to assist them.

NO Emergency housing is available through the voucher program.

The voucher holder CANNOT reside in a unit and receive rental assistance if that unit is owned by a mother, father, child, grandparent, grandchild, sister, or brother of ANY MEMBER OF THE HCV (SECTION 8) PARTICIPANT’S HOUSEHOLD. The Housing Authority may make an exception if it is determined that approving the rental of the unit owned by a relative would provide reasonable accommodations for a family member who is a person with disabilities.

The voucher holder is responsible for finding a unit suitable for his or her family’s needs. The HCV (Section 8) department maintains a list of available units and updates this list when landlords report additional units. It is recommended to look in the local newspapers, which advertise property for rent daily, drive through desirable neighborhoods and look for rental signs, and check the yellow pages of the telephone book for listings of apartments and management companies. Tenants and families can also view thousands of HCV (Section 8) rentals with just a few clicks of the mouse for FREE at

The tenant is responsible to pay the landlord the requested amount of the security deposit directly. The tenant should discuss this matter with the prospective landlord to make sure he or she can afford this fee. The landlord may not charge a HCV (Section 8) participant any larger amount than his customary charge for his unassisted rental units. HCV (Section 8) DOES NOT PROVIDE ASSISTANCE WITH SECURITY DEPOSITS, although some agencies in Lorain County do have monetary assistance available.

Yes, the owner has the right to file for eviction when the tenant does not pay his or her portion of the rent. The owner may also file for eviction for violation of the lease provisions.