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Shelter Plus Care

Shelter Plus Care

The Shelter Plus Care program (S+C) is authorized by Title IV of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act. The S+C Program is designed to link rental assistance to supportive services for hard-to-serve, homeless persons with disabilities and their families (primarily those who are seriously mentally ill, have chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs, or have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and related diseases).

The program provides rental assistance for permanent housing. Rental assistance must be matched in the aggregate by supportive services appropriate to the needs of the population to be served. The objectives of the program are: 

  • To integrate an individual into the community
  • To provide appropriate support services
  • To enhance the individual’s ability to obtain greater self-sufficiency

LMHA, as the grantee, will ensure that the sponsor and service providers (SP) operate in full compliance with the guidelines and objectives established for participants. To the maximum extent possible, LMHA, as well as the sponsor and service providers, will involve homeless individuals and families, through employment and volunteer services in providing supportive services for S+C participants and in developing program policies and procedures.

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